The Plain, Craig Road

True to my cafe-loving nature, I decided to check out this cafe I read about in Juice magazine while browsing it over coffee at Starbucks one Wednesday afternoon.

The Plain, which is the cafe’s name, was supposedly derived from the Duxton Plain, which is just behind where the cafe is at on Craig Road, which is about a 10-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The road isn’t difficult to locate, if you know which stretch of road Pasta Brava is at, just walk upwards and 50, Craig Road is a couple of minutes away, on the left side of the road. We missed the cafe because it had a very non-descript and simple shop front, but if you look for the unit number, it shouldn’t prove a feat.

Both my friend and I liked the interior decor of the place, with its concrete and white walls that had this unfinished look to it yet coming across as being clean and tidy. The place isn’t big, and probably in total can contain only about 20 customers at any one time, but it’s definitely worth a try. It does get crowded during lunchtime, as we witnessed when we popped in, but since it was almost 2pm when we reached we were able to get a table with the crowd clearing.

I didn’t actually see any cafe latte ($3.80) listed in the menu that was presented to me, but they did have it after all, and so this was my usual choice of poison, with coffee art! I’m a sucker for such things, even though I’m going to just drink up the beverage, but it just shows effort and I’m being an appreciative customer! The coffee was good and strong, none too milky like how some people would describe lattes. Then again, I never really thought cafe latte was too milky, so perhaps others would still beg to differ.

They serve all-day breakfast at The Plain, and I ordered the Dean’s breakfast, which was a poached egg on toast with melted cheese and vegemite. I ordered the half-portion ($6.00), and if you’re hungry it definitely isn’t enough to fill you up. But I had something else after that, so it was still fine. :p

My friend ordered the Darling Eggs ($6.50 for the half portion), which was a poached egg on toast with ham and cheese (if I remembered correctly).

We both enjoyed the food. The toast was crisp and not too hard to bite, and the poached egg was nicely done with the right consistency of gooey-ness in the yolk (according to me). I’m not sure if some people will find it a tad salty, because I think salt crystals were used in it, but we’re both for savoury food, and so the 2 of us were satisfied customers!

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