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Eslite Cafe (信義店), 台北

After I was done with work in Taipei on the day that I was due to fly back to Singapore, since I had some time and I needed to have lunch anyway, I thought I’d head to the area near … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea, Regent Singapore

We finally made it to the afternoon tea at the Regent Singapore on one of those lazy weekday afternoons. Well, not exactly lazy, because that was a day when I got a lot of things done, and we even caught … Continue reading

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Afternoon tea at the Peninsula, Hong Kong (Part 2)

I seem to be on a roll these couple of days… doing things I would rather spend my time on. Anyway, Ilsa has posted on this too, when she visited Hong Kong in October 2010 and had the classic afternoon … Continue reading

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Cova Pasticcerie

Met up with my friend yesterday for afternoon tea, and we decided to meet at Paragon, since originally I had wanted to have a late lunch/tea at Blood Cafe. But as we have it, the cafe was quite busy and I … Continue reading

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